Benefits of Massage

Massage is an extremely important aspect of the training and healing process for athletes.  Jenn is a certified and licensed massage therapist with over ten years of experience. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Nutritional Science/Dietetics and a Master's degree in Natural/Environmental Science. Additionally, she is a yoga instructor and a biology teacher. She draws from her rich, multidisciplinary background to address her client's unique needs. She uses a combination of deep tissue, sports, and Swedish massage to relax the nervous system, soften muscle tissue, increase joint mobility, relieve pain, and enhance athletic performance. She incorporates a variety of techniques into her work, including neuromuscular therapy, trigger point therapy, and myofascial release. Jenn takes a holistic approach to restoring balance in the body by providing complementary support through yoga instruction, nutrition education, anatomy awareness, and self-care plans.

Massage can help to:

Jenn working on 1K2GO Team owner, Bobby Bailey, post Stage 3 of GMSR

• Relieve Pain
• Aid in Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation
• Enhance Athletic Performance
• Reduce Swelling and Muscle Tension
• Gradually Increase Flexibility and Range of Motion
• Recover Faster
• Stimulate Muscular Healing
• Relax and Unwind
• Improve Circulation
• Reduce Anxiety
• Promote Well-Being

Massage & Recovery

A note on post-race massage from Jenn:

Post-race massage plays an important role in supporting a rider to perform at his/her best. Massage helps to speed the recovery process by relaxing and elongating muscle tissue, improving circulation, calming the nervous system, and relieving pain.

Post-race massage involves several techniques, which increase blood flow to muscles. This is important because improved circulation brings essential nutrients to deprived muscle tissue and removes the build up of cellular waste byproducts. This promotes healthy muscles and leads to better performance on the bike.

Sustained riding puts muscles in a more shortened state. This decrease in length may limit a rider's range of motion, and in turn reduce power output. Massage helps to elongate muscles and return them to a more normal length after a ride.

When competing, most riders experience an increase in some hormone levels including epinephrine (adrenaline). While this is advantageous for a cyclist during an event, it is also necessary to return this hormone to normal levels soon after a competition. When levels are more normal, healing processes are more optimal. Massage has a direct impact on calming the nervous system, which helps to facilitate this process and promote a greater state of health.

Pain relief is another important aspect of maintaining optimal performance on a bike and is complemented by all of the processes previously described. For example, during periods of high intensity exercise, there is increased pressure on muscles, which results in micro-tears along the actin and myosin junction of a muscle fiber. As with any trauma, muscle tissue needs oxygen and nutrients (which travel in the blood) in order to heal. An increase in circulation from massage, quickly facilitates this necessary delivery. When muscles get what they need, they can begin to repair damaged areas more efficiently and the rider will begin to feel better sooner. Massage is a comprehensive practice that synergistically supports the rider to perform better.
Thoughts on MASSAGE & RECOVERY from local cyclist, Bobby Bailey, owner/coach of 1K2GO SPORTS

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"I underwent hip surgery in January 2014 and came back for the second half of the 2014 Mountain Bike World Cup season. It took a crew of people to get me from crutches to the 2014 World Championship podium, and Jenn O' Connor was an essential part of my support crew. In a normal season, I push my body hard, and I need a lot of bodywork to recover, to race at the highest level, and to prevent injuries. In this comeback season, bodywork was even more crucial. Jenn's massage helped me recover and return to racing my best season yet!"

- Lea Davison, Professional Mountain Biker, 2012 Olympian